Even though they run two distinct and separate businesses, aromatherapist Cheryl Beller and pet therapist Adrienne Herman have collaborated often when treating animals with physical, emotional and behavioral issues.

And, nine years after they first met, they’ve taken their collaboration to the next level by sharing an office space in Carmel, which will not only allow them to work closer together, but also allow Beller to hold educational sessions on the proper uses and dilutions of quality essential oils, as well as blending classes, and classes where one can go home with one’s own custom-blended therapeutic blend or create one for a special friend or fur baby-- blends for people, horses, dogs, and cats!

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“We’re both practitioners and both specialize in pets, “ says Beller, who is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and who founded and runs Well Scents, which provides all-natural, toxin-free essential oil and hydrosol-based products.  “So it made sense to join forces in a shared space and put our energy and synergy into a physical space together.”

“We both put out our shingles (as businesswomen) nine years ago and we’ve collaborated ever since,” adds Herman, who has been doing this and related work for most of her life.  “It just made sense to join forces.  I love sharing the space with Cheryl!  Our joined energies make even more healing and balancing possible!”

Herman’s goals are two-fold:

--To see animals (dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, goats, domestic rats… just about all mammals except humans, though humans benefit as a side effect) achieve as balanced a state of being as possible, whether emotional, spiritual, or physical well-being, and

--To optimize communication and understanding between species

French Bulldog
French Bulldog Geno Bracco Miller with Adrienne and Cheryl

She does this using a variety of modalities, including animal communications.  She has been working with aromatherapy as a treatment since she started working with Beller, nine years ago, and, as a result, they have come up with a number of custom blends to suit the needs of her clients.  These blends have generalized in usage to many animals with similar issues!

“More than 80% of Cheryl’s blends have been developed because of the needs of my clients, but the creating of the blends is 100% Cheryl’s doing,” says Herman.  “Cheryl is an alchemist.  I call her a miraculous alchemist!  I tell her a pet’s issues and she comes up with a blend which addresses those issues exactly!  Further, I know that what she creates is 200% safe for my clients to use, unlike many other blends on the market.”

Much of Herman’s work is done at a client’s home or by remote phone sessions, which frees up the office space for Beller to offer classes for people wishing to learn more about essential oils, and allowing them to create their own blends.  Because she now has use of the very homey office space, Beller, who also works largely remotely, uses the office for personal consultations and classes as desired by the client, Clients can have a simple custom blend created just for them on the spot, or they can consult with Beller to create a complex blend for physical, mental, or emotional challenges that they would like addressed, either for themselves, for another, or for the well-being of their special dog, cat, or horse.

Cheryl's class schedule can be found at wellscents.com. Classes and consultations are available by appointment, so contact, call or email her for your session.

As a pet therapist, Herman wants to be clear that she’s not a dog trainer or veterinary behaviorist.  “I am a listener, communicator, and therapist.  This means I can help you to understand your four-legged better,” she says on her website.  “I listen to other species, who share all sorts of information with me.  I use what they say, and what I sense/feel in their bodies, to give you more information, and to help devise a plan if there are issues in need of addressing.  I will always leave you with more information than before we met, and with a clear plan of action going forward.”  Herman works with many local trainers and veterinarians as well.

The plan of action she devises could, and often does, include aromatherapy treatments, many specially formulated to treat the client’s individual pet.  Sharing an office space now makes the collaboration between therapist and aromatherapist that much more efficient and convenient.

“Every client’s needs are different, but probably, when it comes to behavioral issues, I almost always use Cheryl’s blends, “ says Herman.  She has been using aromatherapy in her practice since she opened her office in downtown Carmel 9 years ago.  The two met at about the same time through a mutual friend.  “A light bulb went off and we said, “We have to do this together,” says Beller.

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